Aquascaping with Sketches

No matter the art form, an artist would do well to keep a sketchbook.· Sculptors, photographers—many artists of many disciplines keep this trusty tool by them at all times.· An aquascaper is the same in this regard.· It is an incredibly valuable tool for visualizing pieces, tracking progress, and developing one’s ability overall.· Even if you have very little drawing experience, a sketchbook is incredibly valuable.

Bővebben: Aquascaping with Sketches

Finding Inspiration

There are many places in this world that have spectacular views and re-creating such views in an aquarium is just the first of many challenges for an aquascaper.· I find inspiration for my aquascaping from many sources.· My current aquascape idea came from a beautiful but rugged place called Big Sur California.· The coastline along this majestic place is so spectacular that I just had to try to re-create it in an ADA 60p.·This is just one example of how you can get inspiration for your next aquascape.· Taking a piece of nature, whether it be a whole mountain range or just a small out-cropping of rocks is a great way to start an aquascape.

Bővebben: Finding Inspiration

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