Filipe Oliveira Aquascaping Workshop at Aquarium Gardens

Filipe is back at Aquarium Gardens for another workshop! After the huge success of last years workshop when Filipe Oliveira aquascaped a 90cm Aquascaper 900 (still running in our showroom and one of the favorites!) he is back again but this time its BIGGER!

Watch Filipe aquascape our Aquascaper 1500 (biggest tank in our showroom) in a v-shape layout. I have edited down the 5 hour workshop to just under 30 mins - sorry if the video is too long! Particularly interesting is Filipes fertilization routine (0:14:04) which we will be adopting on this tank - different to our usual routine, but we want the stems to grow slow and colorful as possible!

We hope you enjoy this footage from the workshop. Please like and leave any comments or questions you have. We love seeing them and will answer all your Aquascaping questions about this workshop or anything else!

A big thank you to Filipe and Aquaflora for the workshop and one amazing aquascape we have in our showroom. I cannot wait to see how it develops in the coming months and will of course keep you all updated :-)

Don't forget to check out Filipes YouTube Channel -

0:00:57 - Introduction
0:02:46 - Wood
0:07:47 - Rock
0:09:35 - Foam Fix
0:13:03 - Soil
0:14:04 - Aquario Plant Tabs & Filipes Fertilization Routine
0:18:34 - Planting Stems & Crypts
0:20:49 - Attaching plants to wood
0:23:16 - ADA Aqua Gravel
0:23:51 - ADA La Plata Sand
0:24:29 - Hygrophila Pinnatifida
0:25:32 - Cryptocoryne Parva
0:26:14 - Juncus Repens
0:27:14 - Ready to Fill
0:27:31 - 1 WEEK LATER

Aquascaper 1500 with Raw Concrete Grey Cabinet -
2 x Life Aqua Master Pro LED -
EA Lighting Hanging Kit
2 x Oase Biomaster Thermo 600 -
EA Glass Pipe Set 16mm -
CO2 Art Pro Elite Regulator + Extra Manifold -
2 x Inline Diffuser -

River Wood (XXL, XL, Large and Medium sizes) -
Galapagos Rock -
Black Lava Rock -
Oase Foam Fix -

Prodibio Aquagrowth Soil -
ADA Aqua Gravel -
ADA La Plata Sand -
Aquario Plant Tabs (Tab, K and FE) -

Rotala Rotundifolia -
Rotala Orange Juice -
Rotala H'ra -
Rotala Yoa Yai
Ludwigia Arcuata -
Myriophyllum Guyana -
Juncus Repens -
Cryptocoryne Becketii -
Cryptocoryne Petchii -
Cryptocoryne Flamingo
Cryptocoryne Parva -
Anubias Paxing -
Anubias Mini -
Bucephalandra Lamandu mini red -
Bucephalandra Wavy Green -
Microsorum Petite -
Bolbitis heudelotii -
Micranthemum Monte Carlo -
Christmas Moss -
Hygrophila Pinnatifida -

Music Licenced by Epidemic Sound

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