Nature Aquarium Aquascape Tutorial - The ADA Way, By Aquarium Gardens

This Aquascape tutorial covers the step by step process of setting up our latest showroom Nature Aquarium. Using ADA soils, additives and fertilizers (we're now stockists of ADA products).

The Aquarium is an Optiwhite 60 by AG (60x30x36cm), powered by the Atledtis Cookie+ LED lighting.

The layout makes heavy use and Gnarled Manzanita and Frodo Stone - two of our most attractive and sought after hardscape materials.

It has been heavily planted from the start, a well known early stage algae prevention technique.

We have used a significant number of ADA additives for our own personal testing with the aim of reducing early algae issues and improving plant growth as fast as possible. We will as always be performing 50% water changes frequently until the system has stabilized.

This aquascape is situated at the front of our showroom as you enter. As it has already been running a number of weeks some of you may have already seen how far its come! We will provide an update video shortly on how the aquascape has progressed.

Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoy the tutorial!


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ADA Brighty Neutral K - 3 pumps per day
ADA Brighty Mineral - 3 pumps per day
ADA Green Brighty Nitrogen - no dosing until after 3 months
ADA Green Brighty Iron - no dosing until after 3 months

ADA Tourmaline BC
ADA Power Sand Advance (includes bacter 100 and clear super)
ADA Green Bacter
ADA Soft Water

Plant List:
Glossostigma Elatinoides, Ranunculus inundatus, Rotala Green, Gratiola viscidula, Ludwigia arcuata, Rotala H’ra, Hygrophila lancea, Cryptocoryne costata, Cryptocoryne legroi, Bucephalandra Green, Bucephalandra Biblis, Anubias petite, Weeping moss

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