Finding Inspiration

There are many places in this world that have spectacular views and re-creating such views in an aquarium is just the first of many challenges for an aquascaper.· I find inspiration for my aquascaping from many sources.· My current aquascape idea came from a beautiful but rugged place called Big Sur California.· The coastline along this majestic place is so spectacular that I just had to try to re-create it in an ADA 60p.·This is just one example of how you can get inspiration for your next aquascape.· Taking a piece of nature, whether it be a whole mountain range or just a small out-cropping of rocks is a great way to start an aquascape.

Another method of obtaining ideas is to view as many other tanks as you can; there are many great books out there to get ideas from.· The person who has been the most influential in this hobby is Takashi Amano.· Mr. Amano has published several books that display his work and also include names of plants and fish.· I suggest that everyone have or at least view these beautiful books for inspiration.· I often go to these books to look for new ideas.· I personally do not want to re-create his exact design but instead I take small sections with-in one of his aquascapes to incorporate into my own design.· I also find entering into or at least viewing contests is a great way to find new or unusual ideas.·Nobody wants to copy another person’s work but getting ideas from other designs is a great way to start a new layout.

The next method is using your own creative ideas and re-creating them into an aquascape.· This may be the most difficult way for some of us.· I think that my best aquascapes have come from this method.· Envisioning a place you might find in nature but have never seen is very difficult but everyone can do it. Our minds can piece together· images we’ve seen· from magazines, books, television and other media.

Once I’ve developed the concept and place in my mind, it becomes an awarding experience to recreate my imaginary scene into a real life aquascape. Successfully completing such an aquascape gives you a great sense of accomplishment and personal satisfaction.· It is a one-of-a-kind aquascape that came from within .

Whatever source you choose to use when finding inspiration is entirely up to you.· The most important aspect of aquascaping is to have fun. So get out there and absorb as much nature as you can.· Who knows, maybe the next award winning aquascape is right in your own backyard.

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