Awesome Aquascaper 900 Planted Tank Aquascape at Aquarium Gardens

Here's an update to our Aquascaper 900 Concave aquascape layout. I created this scape 18 months ago, now its looking its best and a current favorite in our showroom.

The main plant in the layout in a combination of Microsorum Trident and Microsorum Petite which is attached to some large pieces of River Wood. We have also attached vairous Bucephalandra, Anubias and moss.

The sand layer at the front and down the middle is ADA Colorado sand which has a lovely fine texture and a natural colour.

The layout is finished with Cardinal Tetra and Cherry Shrimp which contrast well against the greenery of the ferns.

Powered by a Twinstar 900S - a favourite LED light that gives you awesome colours from fish and plants.

For filtration we are running the Oase Biomaster 600 Thermo - one of the best externals on the market right now. A built in heater and removable pre-filter really set this apart from other filters.

Please speak to us if you're interested in more info on any of the equipment, plants or hardscape on show. We stock them all in our dedicated Aquascaping Shop, and online at

Thanks for watching!

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