El Natural Vs Tom Barr's Low Tech

This article reflects my efforts to set up a 5 gallon hex· low light, low tech, low maintenance, and non c02 injected tank.· I will experiment and share my experiences· with these three different methods: High light with DIY CO2 and Seachem Fluorite, Diana Walstad’s El Natural Aquarium setups using potting soil, and Tom Barr’s low tech, non CO2 setups.

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Estimative Index Fertilization Method

The Estimative Index, or EI for short, is a reasonably new method of dosing fertilisers in a planted aquarium. The basic idea involves dosing more nutrients than the plants actually need, but in such a balance that algae cannot take advantage. This includes the micro as well as macronutrients, and works best for aquaria with high lighting and very dense planting.

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