Nature Aquarium Aquascape Update - The ADA Way at Aquarium Gardens

This 60cm Nature Aquarium Aquascape is featured at the entrance to our Aquascaping showroom.

At the time of filming this scape is just 4 weeks old.

Plant growth has been fast and strong, with minimal algae issues. Testament to planting heavily from the start, frequent water changes and the use of ADA soils, additives and fertlizers.

When using ADA Amazonia soil it comes recommended to use the ADA fertlizer system as well. ADA Amazonia is a very nutrient rich soil containing lots of nitrogen, it is therefore important to follow the ADA Fertlization routine (all ADA products used listed below).

Happy Scaping!

ADA Brighty Neutral K - 3 pumps per day

ADA Brighty Mineral - 3 pumps per day

ADA Green Brighty Nitrogen - no dosing until after 3 months

ADA Green Brighty Iron - no dosing until after 3 months

ADA Tourmaline BC

ADA Power Sand Advance (includes bacter 100 and clear super)

ADA Green Bacter

ADA Soft Water

ADA Amazonia Soil

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