Aquascape 1200 Step by Step Video, New Nature Aquarium by AG

Our new 120cm Aquascape creation - filmed in a 'fly on the wall' style video.

This aquascape was created by the team at Aquarium Gardens and friends of Aquariums Gardens. Thank you to Steven, Geoff, Chris and Andy for you help. It was great fun and a superb team effort! The outcome is a fantastic addition and adds something different to our ever growing Aquascaping Shworoom.

This 120cm Aquascape is in a Convex (or Island) composition, featuring Ancient Juniper Wood and Dark Mini Landscape rock. Planting consists of mostly slow growing Crytocoryne and Bucephalandra, as well as Nymphea Lotus planted centrally.

We hope you enjoy the layout and this aquascape build video.

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Tank: Aquascaper 1200

Lighting: Twinstar 1200SA

Filtration: 2 x Oase Biomaster Themro 600

CO2: CO2 Kit with Inline Diffuser

Hardscape: Ancient Juniper Wood
Dark Minilandscape Rock
Prodibio Aquagrowth Soil
ADA La Plata Sand

Plants: Cryptocoryne Balansae, Cryptocoryne Petchii, Cryptocoryne Undulatus red, Cryptocoryne Costata, Cryptocoryne Wendtii Brown, Cryptocoryne parva, Cryptocoryne Pygmea, Bucephalandra red, Bucephalandra wavy green, Bucephalandra Biblis. Bucephalandra Theia, Nymphea Lotus, Christmas Moss

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