Aesthetically Matching Aquarium Setup

Having a visually appealing rimless aquarium on a nice stand is just one piece of your aquarium setup that adds to the· aesthetic feel of our aquascapes. A large part of our aquarium setups consists of technical equipment such as the lighting fixtures, filtration· plumbing, and CO2 equipment. They can effect the overall visual impression of the whole aquarium setup if the equipment does not· match the design of the tank and the stand. Like choosing the right plant species that complement each other in an aquascape, it is important to select equipment parts that fit the look of your stand and aquarium.

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Iluminarea acvariilor cu plante

Light energy is an essential ingredient to making a planted aquarium lush and green. It drives photosynthesis and the plant’s ability to consume nutrients from the water column. Without adequate light, plants won’t be able to grow properly.Planted aquariums require· eight to ten hours of light, on average, to allow plants to metabolize the energy and complete their photosynthesis cycle.

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