How to Trim Aquarium Plants 🍃✂️ Keep Your Stems Looking Good All The Time!

This is how we trim and re-plant our stem plants in the Aquarium Gardens showroom.

Tops of stems are the best and most colourful part of the plant - don't throw them away!
Re-plant them back into your soil, or plant them straight back into the plant mass you've been trimming. This way you will retain the colourful tops of the plants and they will keep on growing and become more colourful!

Don't be afraid to get stuck in and prune your plants right back. These are fast growers and will bounce back soon enough.

Think about how you want your layout to look and the shape you want to create with your stem plants. This Aquascape has a lovely V shape along the horizon of the stems. I have trimmed the plants in this way to maintain the V shape.

Follow up your trimming session with a large water change and siphon away any remaining cuttings.

Feed your plants once again, they will be hungry and want to re-grow!

Thanks for watching. Have fun trimming your stem plants!


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